About Me


White Bird's Market Beginnings....

White Bird is my Pawnee name given to me when I was very young by my Uppit, my great-grandfather, Stacey Howell. What better name to use for my business?

WBM was born out of my desire to create a collection that represents my Texas raised heart, Pawnee Nation roots, and love of the natural world.

WBM began in early 2021 as we were all living through the strangest time (politics, pandemic, and extreme weather). Let go from my corporate job, I went back to retail and rediscovered a passion I had left a decade before. With years of experience now under my belt, I felt confident to create the kind of business I would love to spend my day running.

By February of 2021 I had my Sellers ID and a website. By March I was selling product online and by May I went to my first small pop up event. I have gone from setting up at small craft fairs to regional rodeos in a year and we are still growing.

My hope is to grow my boutique to be a recognized source for unique collections of BohoWestern and Southwestern inspired fashion, gifts, and home goods, as well as, highlight local artisans within this space. Most importantly, I wish to enjoy my life by building a business that brings out my creativity and passion. So far we've nailed it!


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