Elegant Glass Bracelet


These neutral and elegant bracelets are absolute stunners because of their faceted 8mm polished glass beads. Simplicity at its finest make this the perfect bracelet to wear by itself to subtly compliment your outfit, or stack it with others to make a statement. 

ACCENT:  Charm 

STYLE:  Beaded


SIZE:  6.5 - 8 Inch Circumference


Available in many different shapes and sizes, glass beads are made of silica and other minerals that are melted at high temperature to form a tick, viscous liquid. The liquid is then molded into its desired form and size before it is set to harden while it cools. When colored glass is created, the original formulation is modified by adding or subtracting minerals or other substances to produce the desired color. Color can also be added in different ways during the manufacturing process.


There are five different types of glass that are used in jewelry making. Dichroic glass, which reflects different colors when exposed to light and is also treated with metal oxides. Fused glass, which heats separate pieces of glasses with different colors to form a giant piece of unique glass. Sea glass, which is also known as beach glass. This happens when any form of glass is thrown into the sea. The waves continually pound this waste product until it becomes smooth and usable for jewelry making. Murano glass, which is known to be made on a small island in Italy (Murano). Recycled glass, which is perfect for those people who want to look amazing, while they also help the environment! Recycled glass is perfect for those that want to re-use those old bottles and create them into new pieces!


Being that there are many forms of glass, the different forms can take on different healing properties. Fulgurite can be helpful in instances of low or constricted physical energy, while Libyan glass tends to aid in healing stomach and digestive issues. Moldavite is said to open your heart and your mind, helping you to find inner peace, harmony and joy, while Tektite is said to help heal old bodily injuries. Take your pick! Glass does have it's own healing benefits, depending on which form of glass it is!